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We used the SunFire radiant heater last winter in -20 degree cold working on harvesting parts from salvaged cars outside in the Wisconsin winter. The heater worked great! Always started and ran with no problems. We pointed the heater at a pile of scrap tires that were frozen in a pile of snow and ice. Within minutes, we could easily remove the tires from the pile and relocate them to another area of the yard. We love the portability of the SunFire, once when our shop heater ran out of fuel, we moved the heater into the shop and we could continue working without a problem. The work space was actually warmer than when we were using our regular heater.

Dale Amundson

Murray’s Auto Salvage Inc., WI

Hands down the best!

Hands down the best portable heater available.I purchased this heater for my hobby farm and it’s been great. Very impressive.
Kevin Knox
Knox Farms, WI

My guys loved them!

Minnesota winters can be very cold and windy. We replaced our old propane space heaters with the SunFire radiant heaters. My guys Loved them. Quiet, without the odor of the propane heaters and kept the work space very comfortable.
Skip Johnson
Derson Mfg. Inc., MN

It’s waaaay better!

It’s waaaay better than the torpedo heater that I was using. It’s also much quieter. I don’t need to run it as long and its output has a much larger footprint.
Eric The Car Guy
Auto Expert on YouTube